Layer Print Color


Every time I change Layer Color, Layer Print Color changes.

I would like to organize layers to be always printed on black, no matter what the Layer Color is.

Is that possible to breake this dependence?


Hi @KaTa, by default, if no print color is set for a layer it uses the layer color.

You could set black and white whenever you print from the print options dialog:


or create a template with your favourite layers using dedicated print colors.


You can also put the following macro on a toolbar button or alias:

! _-Layer _PrintColor * 0,0,0 _Enter

which will set all layer print colors to black.


But what if I want to have many Layout Print Colors, not only Black and White?
I work on very complex models with a lot of elements, and I often change Layer Colors to improve visibility in Shade Mode. But I don’t want it to effect Layer Print Colors. Unlinking these two values would be useful.