Layer Panel material preview bug

When using Custom material with Transparency > 50%, the material preview dot in Layers panel always turns white, no matter what the diffuse color is:
( Hi @andy, @johnc - this may be for you to take a look at :slight_smile: ).

A short visual:

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That is because your transparency color is white. Set it to the same red and it’ll be ok. For a red transparent material you should set that to the ‘base’ color

Hi Nathan,

This is not very practical, or I would say quite deceiving. In the past, the dot by layer material in the panel was always representing the Diffuse color. Now as soon as we past 50% transparency it assumes the Reflection color, which doesn’t quite match the display and makes it quite counter-intuitive. Please see attached sample.
I wish this stayed as diffuse color only, especially that the preview dot is not a true material preview and doesn’t take into account other material parameters. Hope you can consider restoring the original behavior.

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Not really.

Yes, and with metal and glass materials, that have black diffuse, the dot color would therefor be wrong. That is fixed now.

I understand that it can be somewhat confusing for Rhino Custom materials, but Rhino Metal and Rhino Glass and Rhino Gem materials now all look correct, since that in the dot is the color you see in the material.

Is it OK to be wrong now for the Custom material? Look at the Rendered view preview - how is the Cyan dot representing what the material actually looks like? That’s what I call deceiving.

How about the “dot” color is smart enough to know if it is representing the Custom or Glass/Metal material.


I understand the problem you are having, and maybe for Rendered mode it’d make sense to have the dot do the wrong thing. I’ll poke @andy about it.

I hope that with v7 when we move to PBR/Principled based materials we get rid of this weird situation. Then you’d have only a base color and that’s it.

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Thank you, sounds good!