Layer panel jumping

… sideways, when pressing a material button.


I am unable to get to your video.
Based on the description, I am so far unable to repeat and see the problem.

Is this still a problem in newer Serengeti Mac builds?


The video plays normally on my Mac.
It’s still a problem in the latest WIP. However, I didn’t explain everything in detail in my first post (as you can see the problem in the video)… The “jumping” occurs only if the layer panel is narrower than default. I like to have it as narrow as possible to save space.


Right. There is a built in minimum width that we allow you to shrink further. That was added not that long ago.
Prior to that, we didn’t let you shrink it past that minimum threshold.

Regardless of what the width is set to, the layer panel should not be jumping (moving sideways) when pressing a material button. This has been a small annoyance for a long time (since V5, at least) - I just haven’t remembered to report it.