Layer order trouble


I have a lot of layers in a chaotic custom order. I want to get to get them “Name ascending” and move some layers to other places.

I expect to choose “Name ascending”, manual move some layers and the order is automatic changed to “custom”. But in “Name ascending” mode I can’t edit the order and if I choose “custom” than I get the chaotic order and I need manual to change the order by name.

Please fix it so that “Name ascending” can be edited and this cause that this is the new “custom” order. This is the behavior which I know from other software too and works quite well. :wink:


Hi @Micha,

To sort layers by name, just click the Layer column.


Sorting is a one-shot action. That is, sorting layers does not prevent layers from being moved from one location to another, nor does it effect the position of new layers.

To disable column sorting, click the Tools menu button and uncheck Column Sort.

Or am I confused?


– Dale

Hi @dale,

you are right, sorry, I wrote the wrong heading. My problem are the view names. I set order by name and get the quite good looking order. Now I want to group all MW and EWB and EWA views. But I can’t move the views.

Only if I enable custom order I can move names, but than I lost the current order.

It would be great to get the layer name behavior like you described also for named views. At the moment I don’t get a sorting in a one-shot action for view names, if I click on the layer column than the layer sorting mode is completely switched to “name …”.
I think now we have the problem nailed and the solution is known from the layer manager. :slight_smile: