Layer, objects, and layouts

Is there a way for a layer to show info about its object count and how many of its objects are parked in layout views (and which ones ?). Like…

Layer1: 946 total objects
800 on model space
122 on LayoutA
21 on LayoutB
3 on LayoutC

Hi Thomas - without a script, I think the best you can do is SelLayer. The command line will report how many objects are selected. I imagine someone has a script for this - if one does not turn up, I’ll see if I can make one tomorrow.


Yeah, the inadequacy of SelLayer is what prompted the question (it only reports the selected object count in the current Layout, but there are still hidden stuff in other layouts that don’t show up). There could be zero objects in model space and still can’t delete the layer because of things peppered in numerous other places.

Don’t worry about it though. I could script it too (as a last resort). I was checking to see if there is a ready made command for it.