Layer & object copy bug

I 'm using a Rhino6 French version (no body’s perfect)
I copy a layer (named toto ie) layer+objects. (right clic on layer) rhino create a nw layer named “toto - Copie” if I want to do one more the operation on the layer toto, no thing happen (on rhino 5 a nw layer named “toto - Copie - copie” was created) to be able to make one more time the operation on the first layer (toto) I need to rename the layer toto - Copie.
For me it’s a bug. small but a bug.

Hmm, it seems to be working here if I right-click on a layer and choose “Dupliquer le calque” (avec ou sans objets)

Edit - ah, wait, I see what you are saying… You cannot duplicate the same layer twice without either renaming the original or the copy… Yes, this appears to be a French language bug, in English you get a new layer named Toto-Copy(1), (2) etc. It does seem to work in German here, don’t know if any other languages are affected.



You’re right !
Poor French boy I am :sob:
Je m’appelle Rémy !!!

Bug reported:

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