Layer name lost when block created

so I have a chair with arms seat and legs, 3 different layers I need for keyshot.
I create block for the whole chair . The layers are all lost…

I know this is a basic question but up against it with client.

How do I keep all 3 layers and create a block

You can’t. The “ghosts” of the original objects do reside on the original layers but not the block instance, which can only reside on one layer.

Why do you need a block instance for this?

Hi Richard -

I’m afraid I don’t understand the question.
When you turn objects into a block, as Mitch says, the block instance will be on whichever layer you put it but the original layers will all be kept - and needed.

so I might be mis understanding blocks and their use - I am using to reduce the overall file size of my model.

The example attached has 2 layers - I create a block of the chair and then copy paste all over my office scene… save file and save space… but the 2 layer names are lost

chair.3dm (1.5 MB)

Hello- that is a perfectly reasonable use of blocking but I am not at all clear what is going on with layers - are you copy-pasting into another file? Can you make a simple example where the block is already made and pasted in? I’m thinking the missing layers are sub layers someplace and not visible at the top level in the target file.


Here is my very simple workflow.

Select the legs & seat and group.
Then run block command, select group. save

then block is created but layers are lost.

Hi Richard -

I’m not sure what you are trying to show in those images.
You are showing the Properties panel - not the Layers panel.
I was understanding “the layers are lost” as those layers being deleted from the document in which you insert the block.

When you select the group and create the block DEFINITION, a block INSTANCE is automatically created on the active layer. Selecting that instance will show that layer in its properties. You can move that instance to any layer.

sorry I did not mean to confuse thing I was just showing the 2 different layers.

OK - Keyshot works with layers in materials… so layer 1 = material 1 in keyshot. and so on.

hence if I want the legs a different material in KS then it must have a different layer name.

clearly I cannot work with blocks and Keyshot

Hi -

I don’t know Keyshot, but, yes, it sounds like that if Keyshot takes the material of the instance and not of the definition.

Hi @rfollett,

In 2018 you (or your doppelganger) posted in the Keyshot forum:

Ok quick update.
if I open KS and then import the .3dm file the blocks work ok.
If I run the KS Render command plugin from Rhino then blocks don’t work.

So you appear to have found a workaround back then. Does that still hold good?


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funny i found that too! it was me…
Just recently my work has changed to more office renders with loads of repatition hence I looked at blocks again but now I remeber why 4 years ago I stopped using them!

help me god…