Layer Material inherits Layer Name (Wish List)

I know Material can be assigned to Layer, but when creating directly from Layer, this would be helpful.

Hello - so, in creating a new material for a layer you’d like the material name to automatically be called say,

Layer 1


Glass (Layer1)



I like this one :slight_smile:

just the name itself ‘Glass’

adding layer # might make the name too long n prob get cutt off anyways since you only have so much room

I believe what Pascal wanted to say is that Glass is the material default name, and (Layer 1) would be added.

In your case I guess you want the layer to be the exact name of the material.

However, what if you wish to re-use the material and you have a huge list of layers. Preview of the materials might look the same so I guess it’s better to have both the layer name and some piece that will tell you what kind of material that is.

gd point!
may be just numbers to save room :thinking:

What number?
What happens with the numbers if you re-arrange the layers?

eg, ‘Trees (01)’ in stead of 'Trees (Layer1)