Layer docking thing

I don’t know what the docking thing (which contains all the separate dialog boxes like the layer manager, properties, notes or whatever you choose) is called…?
Anyway, there is a problem if you set the tabs for all the various dialogs to vertical. In the case of the layer manager, it makes the scroll bar go away, so when you have a large layer list this method of moving through it is not available.
Since one of the reasons you might choose to put the tabs on the side is to try to gain more vertical space for the layer manager in particular, its a bit of a shame…


Unless I’m missing the point, it looks like it works here:

I have the same results as Dan. Can you post a screen shot?

Generally referred to as Panels? Anyway I’ve just tried the vertical tabs on a file with many layers and the scroll bar is fine, however, the settings icon is disappears so the panel needs to be undocked to reset. It’s missing in Dan’s screenshot too.

Ah yes, it’s down at the bottom when docked …

Sorry - no brain.
Its fine.
What made me think it wasn’t working was that, by coincidence, at the point at which I changed it to vertical I was just out of room at the bottom of the dialog, so it showed the scroll bar.
When I changed to vertical. I got a little more room, which was just enough to trigger the scroll bar automatically disappearing, although it appeared as though nothing changed except that.
As soon as I expanded a layer, the bar came back…

So, crisis over, it’s ok - sorry, I know its kept people awake overnight fretting about it, and threatened to stop development of V6 - mea culpa mea culpa…