Layer display style? (Reference layer.)

Maybe I’m not using the correct search terms here, but I couldn’t find anything:

I want to set a layer to always be drawn as wireframe, regardless of what objects is placed on it and regardless of what display mode I’m currently in.

Is this possible?

EDIT: Btw, setting individual objects (inside a block) to wireframe display mode seems very glitchy because one of my main objects go wireframe every time I turn on that layer making that feature unusable for me…


EDIT: Forgot to mention another bug with that wireframe mode override… it works as long as you use your 3D mouse to navigate the viewport… the moment you stop, everything goes wirefame again (SR26).


EDIT: Even weirder, the surface that disappears here is a mirror with history of the right side, and the wireframed object underneath it is also symmetrical…


Hello - no, there is no display mode per layer. In V7/Wip, a layer can have an alpha color, making objects on that layer transparent according to the alpha value, but that is as good as it gets.


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