Layer creation bug in Rhino 7

I am just working in Rhino 7 and have a weird bug/regression around layer creation. It creates a new layer between some other sublayers. When you collapse the other parent layer and open it again, now the new layer has a copy of all the sublayers.



After simply clicking create new layer, notice how it places the new layer between the sublayers!?:


I think it’s just a bug in the layer panel, it doesn’t actually create or copy any layers.

Best to see the recording here:

At the very end, its not visible, but I right-click the layer and click Delete Layer.

This is in Rhino 7 SR33.

Hi Armin -

I’m not able to reproduce that behavior in Rhino 7 here.
Does this also happen in a new file from a factory-default template?
Please run the Rhino SystemInfo command and copy-paste the result here.