Layer colors don't work

Layer colors don’t work in Rhino5.4Wip (5e12w)

If this is what you mean, they work fine here in WIP 5e12w.


Work fine now, don,t know what went wrong.

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I’m also having trouble with setting a color to a layer so the color applies to all objects within that layer…any suggestions? As I am a new user of Rhino, is there anything I am doing wrong?

Please see my screencast at

you’re drawing on the default layer in the video.

the radio button (the little blue circle button next to the layer name) indicates the active layer

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@jeff_hammond Much appreciated! Thank you

no problem.

also, if you select an object(s) then right-click on the layer name, there will be options for moving the objects to the selected layer.

so if you have some objects on the default layer and want them somewhere else, you don’t have to remake them on a different layer… just change their layer assignment