Lay on a single plane

Hello everyone

Is there any way to get every part of this structure to all lay on a single plane, so I can cut them out with a laser cutter?

Thanks in advance.

nothing magic here unfortunately, explode, select one side face of each then invert and delete use mergenonmanifold and do unrollsrf on all of them at the same time.

other method turn gumball on select all elements, start dragging on the gumball centerpoint whil in drag type 0 that will center the elements. then you make one cut plane and polar array is intersect this with the other parts make planarsrf then mergenonmanifold and unrollsrf. sounds a lot but is pretty fast, but till you read through you might just do it manually already long ago.

you can also explode it all, run nonmanifoldmerg and unrollsrf. but you would have to delete all the unneeded and duplicating elements

you might be able to use this plugin to assist you in quickly ordering your cut layout