Lattice around object

I am trying to create objects that have additional support. To surround the object I used Crystallon’s 'lattice fill". From there I used SubD multipipe, converted the object and the lattice to meshes, and exported them as a group. I’ve tried Nurbs Boolean Union with occasional success. I am trying to combine the lattice and the object into a single object. Does anyone have any suggestions for improving this workflow?
object and (770.0 KB)

Since you are probably going to 3D print this object with the lattice, I would suggest using Shrinkwrap in Rhino 8 WIP.

The result is a single mesh with no naked edges.

object and (612.2 KB)

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Dendro (237.2 KB)
But if you don’t use 8.

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Thanks for the suggestion. That mesh looks good, I am going to give that 8WIP a try

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Quan Li,
Thanks for the suggestion, I have tried running Dendro but I am on a Mac. If the shrinkwrap doesn’t work out I will look into BootCamp or something for my computer.