Latest WIP, Sweep 1 locks rhino Mac

there seems to be a new bug introduced in the latest WIP 7.0.20224.12006, with Sweep 1. it doesn’t work, and rhino stop functioning,
No crash but all commands stop working, and rhino won’t save either.
I had to rebuild the same simple beginning of a model twice only to get to the point of having no choice but Force Quit.

Steps to reproduce the sweep problem:
Sweep1 using the History parent of the pink Crv and the two light blue profiles.

twist ring_7mm-round-gem.3dm (3.7 MB)

thanks a lot

Some confusion here in trying to repeat it…

You Rail layer is Locked
The Rail is two separate curves
I see three profiles

How exactly do I need to proceed to reproduce the error?

then please unlock the rail, and kindly use the parent half with the corresponding profiles

I deleted everything but 2 profiles and 1 rail.
I was able to reproduce the problem.

I’ll get it on the pile.

thank you very much.
it was probably introduced in the very last Wip.

with thank

Mac only
Windows okay

This was fixed just yesterday.
It will be in the next WIP.

Thanks a lot

Any chance this build can be made available so not to have to wait for next Wednesday…? I currently reverted to V6, but all the hotkeys, scripts, aliases are in 7 so working in 6 is a bit of a pain…

with best regards

builds get compiled weekly- this fix is only one of many that get added each week.
Sorry for the hassle, but you’ll have to wait for the next complete wip release. As the next wip is still in progress.

I understand

then what about a link to an older build?

thanks a lot

Having the same challenge - Looking forward to the fix.