Latest WIP require OS my computer can't upgrade to

Hello Mcneel suport team.
Please kindly send me a link to the pervious WIP Build !
there was no warning that today’s build will require a newer OS to run.
I can’t upgrade my old machine any more… and so I lost access to the WIP.

It would have been helpful if there was a warning note regarding this.

[I know my machine is very old [late 2013]. I’m waiting for the M2Max to come out… and trying to make do until, It’s just taking much longer than expected.]

thanks a lot

Hi Akash -
We finally had to bite the bullet and made macOS 12.4 (Monterey) the minimum required operating system for Mac. Until it expires, (8.0.23066.13186) is the last version that will run on older OS’s.
Apart from that, on macOS and running WIPs or SRCs, I would always recommend to keep the previous version around as well just in case you run into problems with a newer version. As opposed to Windows, there is no “installing” involved on macOS and you can simply run different versions when needed.

And don’t forget to open all of your V8 WIP files and save them back out as V7 files - otherwise when the WIP that you have installed expires in a few weeks, you will no longer be able to open those files…

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Thanks for reminding me this @Helvetosaur, I’m certain to have otherwise forget about it, until it’s too late… Haven’t used V7 for a long time now.

Perhaps it would make sense to clear some space and put bootcamp back in just for the WIP, [I think I have an old Windows 10 that is licensed to this machine].
With the new M2Max expected this coming spring as far as I hear… I’m just trying to keep this one running a little bit longer.

  • does Win 10 still run the WIP or is it all Win 11 now?
    And will the WIP even run on Bootcamp…? or does it needs some newer windows stuff… like higher open GL or other things?

Does anyone here use Bootcamp to run the WIP who can attest that is still work…?

thanks a lot

Thanks @Michael_Meyer
So it looks like it should crawl along just fine.
I’ll give it a try [once I find the courage and a free day to set it all up]

Very strange [but nice] timing.
As I’m about to dig into apple support to re-learn how to bootcamp Win…
I see this:

It normally takes a few month for the higher end models to become available in some countries… but it looks like I’ll be able to come back to the WIP with a current MacOS in the foreseeable future.
[Machine looks nice [and as expected is quite expensive]]