Latest WIP has broken " sketch curve with digitiser"

would appear to have broken sketch curve with digitiser using a microscribe
i an just getting a starting point and and point no curve, also the planer option is no longer there ?

worked fine in previous WIP and still works in Rhino5 so microscribe operating fine

cheers in advance

Hi Richard - thanks, I’ll check it.

@Richard1 - just making sure… does the command line say Curve=Yes when your using this tool?

OK- never mind - I see exactly what you reported - thanks.

Hm - maybe not quite, I seem to be getting a line now between start and end points but not the expected curve. At any rate, it is not working correctly…


still not fixed ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

RH-39236 is fixed in the latest WIP. @Richard1, I hope you enjoyed your nap.

Thank you
Will test tomorrow