Latest sr3


(Rob) #1

i have several problems of rhino stopping , at start , dragging a object , opening a file , not happy

(Laurent Delrieu) #2

Me to but with Grasshopper. So I uninstall SR2 to come back to the previous.

GhPython error messages at launch
(Rob) #3

where to find SR2 ? as it is unstable now dragging a object made it crash…

(Wim Dekeyser) #4

Currently, that will let you download 6.2.18065.11031

(Rob) #5

does not work says you have a newer version installed, i do not like
uninstalling 6 or should i ?

(Wim Dekeyser) #6

If you want to revert to an older version, then, yes, you will have to uninstall RH6.

(Rob) #7

worked ok did not have to install toolbars again etc

next time ill wait a few days…

(Rob) #8

Are we the only ones having trouble with crashing SR.3 ? i have it on 2 computers

(Pascal Golay) #9

Hi Rob - is this the case with any file? If not, can you send us an example? (



(Rob) #10

Yes with any file simple lines does it crash or more complex ,(at
opening when starting rhino mostly) but i did send a crash report , as
it crashed so many times so must be multi reports i did send (from my pc
or my laptop)

i have deinstalled sr3 and the previous version is working ok found a
crashdump will send it



(Brian Gillespie) #12

Hi Rob,

I see your crashes and have passed them along to the developer. Thanks!

(Rob) #13

Thanks sr3 was unworkable for me



(Brian Gillespie) #14

This week’s SR3 won’t be any better; but I hope next week’s build will be.

(John Brock) #15

Consider changing your update frequency (Options - Updates and statistics) to Service Release so you quit getting SR candidates.

(Rob) #16

Ok we just give it a try when available , it is not a big issue sr2
works ok as far as i can notice for me



(Lowell Walmsley) #17

@robo -
I’ve seen similar reports from about 12 people, I think, and haven’t yet been able to reproduce the problem.
I made some changes in Rhino sr3 that may help or fix it, but since I don’t know how to make it happen, I don’t know how to tell if it’s fixed.