Latest Rhino6 WIP for Mac is unusable

Downloaded the latest Version 6 WIP (6.13.19022.12026, 2019-01-22)
It is completely unusable for me. Anything I do almost instantly triggers the spinning ball. Things I have tried include rotating a simple model, changing the color of a layer, Actually I have never gotten much farther as there is really no use for this at all right now. Rhino5 for Mac runs fine.system info.txt (2.6 KB)

Hi Abraham - does that mean that previous versions of the 6 WIP behaved in the same way on your machine or is this something new in this version?

Hi Wim- significantly worse this time than previous versions. I have reported other bugs in the past, most recently lines disappearing when changing view mode and problem with authorizing my license. But previous versions have been workable.

Downloaded Version 6 WIP (6.13.19029.12036, 2019-01-29) and preliminary eval is it works much better. Thanks to all at McNeel for this. Hope we can get to an official Rhino6 release for Mac soon.


+1 ! I’m looking forward to use it…