Latest Rhino.Inside - Category Drop Down

Hello Rhino Inside devs & users,

I’ve just installed the latest build on a new machine and noticed that the dropdown menu for picking the category of an imported 3dm is gone…

Perhaps tied to this the import 3dm function in a Revit Project doesn’t seem to work - still works fine in the family environment (which seems like consistent behaviour to me as there the choice of Category is implicit)

Thought I’d let you know : ) I’ll look for an install for an older version in the meantime

In the release notes video he mentions this, its being replaced by a interface.

5:40 in the video.

Thanks for pointing me to it, I didn’t check the video - The interface when baking from GH looks neat.

I guess this turn my comment from the dropdown being gone, to the interface not popping up when using the import 3dm button - which as it stands doesn’t seem to work in the project environment.

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