Latest Rhino 6 Beta crashes when copying curves with keyboard shortcut!


I have a Rhino file, created in Rhino 6 for Windows, with about 15 closed 3d curves. I’ve tested this a couple of times now, but when I try to copy a closed curve using the keyboard shortcut CMD + C, Rhino 6.16.19176 crashes instantly.
Copying with _Copy works fine though!

Sorry, but I can’t share the file!

Moved to Serengeti Mac

I don’t get a crash, but I do get a message that the command is not implemented.
Clearly it should be.

This looks like a cross-platform bug.

Ctrl+C (instead of Cmd+C) does in fact run CopyToClipboard and should not.

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Yes, when I export the curves to a new rhino document, everything works fine.

I just added a defect report: RH-53468 Command+C “unimplemented command” error