Latest install won't open

Hi Brian
Like Willem ,I downloaded and installed the latest WIP.
There are not toolbar. When i type toolbar i get : Unknown command: _Toolbar
When i type render i get : Unable to load render plug-in, render command not available
Ciao Vittorio

Same here.

Can both of you please post screen shots of the license tab of the Splash screen (Help->About Rhino)? I’d like to be able to read your license serial number, too, so please don’t crop anything off the splash.

I can’t reproduce this here, but it looks like Rhino thinks it is expired on your box.

I thought I was able to reproduce this, but wasn’t. The crash I was seeing was an OpenGL crash while running in VMWare. I am able to run the current WIP on Spanish Windows 8.1 just fine.

So… I guess I’m back to where I started. I need to figure out why Rhino isn’t starting on your computers.

This might help me narrow it down:

  1. In the registry, under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\McNeel\Rhinoceros\6.0\Global Options\Debug Logging
  2. create REG_DWORD (32) value named “Enabled” and set the data to “1”
  3. create REG_DWORD (32) value named “SaveToFile” and set the data to “1”
  4. Run Rhino 6
  5. Send me the file “RhinoDebugMessages.txt” in your My Documents folder.

Here you go:


Hi Brian,

I’ve send it per private message.


Same thing happening here - installed the latest .msi and Rhino 6 opens with no plug-ins loaded, including toolbars, etc. Yes, it does look like it thinks the license is invalid or expired… Debug log sent via PM.


Hi Brian
Below the splash screen
Ciao Vittorio


Were any of you ever prompted to validate your licenses? It looks like both Willem and Mitch have Rhino in a state where it thinks the license has not been validated, and the validation grace period is expired, and it isn’t showing the validation dialog box. Weird.

Not sure if by “any of you” you mean just those with misbehaving Rhinos, or everybody, but my install is working I was prompted to validate on the original install of v6.


Hi Brian,
Yes, I validated immediately on first install and it was accepted…

On the original install of RH6, yes. After uninstall and reinstall, yes. But not when updating.

I tried the thing with the registry but that didn’t work. The 2 keys were already there but in 0 value. I put them to 1 and launched Rhino but no text file was created at that location. It is possible that that has something to do with there being 2 “My Documents” folders with one being sync’ed to a network location…

I can not remember if I was ever prompted to validate. However, I’m sure if I was prompted I would have done it immediately and not dismissed it.

As for the latest re-install, I did not receive message/prompt dialog.

i’ave send it per private message

Same as what Willem said, Validated when asked the first time, not asked since then.

Just uninstalled and reinstalled. No change, toolbar still missing and plugins not loaded.

hi @brian, same here after reinstall, no toolbars or pluins.


New WIP (yesterday) didn’t fix anything… :frowning: