Last two Wips install error

Last two wips same errors, after installing the first time I open Rhino:

I get the no faro arm detected, plugin failed
No toolbars or any workspace, luckily I didn’t panic and exited, when I restart rhino the second time all my tool bars are loaded.

This has happened in the last two wips, if I didn’t know the above trick I would go searching for my toolbars and think my workspace is messed up serious install bug here.
Win 10,

Thanks for the fix for the last 5 wips this is what I got when I opened Rhino for the first time.

One last issue that has also been happening
Rhino is never launched after the install. This is ok if you installed when you exited Rhino but if you installed when starting Rhino, Rhino should then launch after the install, at least that’s how it used to be.

@3dsynergy - sorry to miss this post for so long. Are you still seeing Rhino start without toolbars with the last few WIPs?

As for Rhino starting after closing, you’re right, it doesn’t. On the one hand, I can see how you’d want it to. If you have been running Rhino for a while, then close Rhino, and Rhino asks you to update, would you expect Rhino to start again?

Hi Brian,

No it stopped a while back.

I wouldn’t expect it to start again in that case you are exiting not starting Rhino up but I guess it could go both ways in that case. I was used to the V5 beta and before where Rhino worked the way I described after install. Didn’t know if it was a bug or just new behavior thus my comment about it.
It’s up to you at McNeel if the current way is easier that’s cool too.
Thanks for your help and concern,