Last toolbar post for today... I quit

So to try to avoid inheriting any buggy junk from V7, in my custom .rui I am re-creating toolbars from scratch, copying buttons from default and then modifying them by adding scripts etc after. This way at least I have “native” V8 buttons with .svg images (I have not modified them, that comes maybe later).

I have a small toolbar that in the end will be docked next to the command line, but for now it is floating, in it are the various tools I use to measure, etc. It’s basically a recombination of tools in the Analyze toolbar with some added scripts etc. There are a couple of custom flyouts (linked toolbars) for example that have some area and volume scripts. To reconstitute the Area flyout, I copied the Area button twice and added scripts for calculating directly in m2 and cm2. Ok, so far so good. The Area bar looks like this:


Now watch what happens… I can’t reproduce the phenomenon in video because the screen capture software interferes with it… so static screenshots.

  1. (close the Area toolbar and then try to fly it out)

…nice usable flyout… :exploding_head:

  1. (pull the toolbar out into the workspace)

That’s right, this screenshot is not a mistake, Rhino goes into the background and my browser comes to the front!!!

  1. (click back into Rhino)

The toolbar has indeed flown out.

There are bugs on top of bugs operating here…

I’m done for now, I can’t spend all my time reporting this stuff, sorry.


These sound like billable hours. Why don’t you send the bill to Bob? :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh, I think Bob has paid me many, many times times over for any hours I have spent. That’s not the issue here. I am just trying to move forward on this, but I guess before some of the major bugs are fixed, that’s probably wishful thinking.


The main reason for my remark wasn’t just to be a wiseguy, but was prompted by the thought reading your post that there is apparently no mechanism or feature of the McNeel development/testing process that accounts in hour or dollar terms for the tremendous amount of work done in the field by users from beginners to experts like yourself to finish the hastily, insufficiently developed work that McNeel performs and pays for.

I realize that there will always be a limit to what a conscientious and skilled developer can accomplish when it comes to the subtleties that only user experience can provide, but it too often seems that the work McNeel accomplishes is thrown over the wall to the users with defects and omissions that any amateur programmer who takes his/her work seriously would consider an affront to common sense.

I wonder whether Bob and Brian would do anything differently if they had a monthly or quarterly report of how many hours users collectively spent detecting, diagnosing, reporting and working around silly little things that a few additional hours or days of deeper developer thought and work could have prevented in the first place.

It’s easy for the disassociated user to imagine that the coder performance metric is “lines of code” rather than “time saving, easy to use, surprising and delightful out of the box customer experience”.


This one, as an example, is dated March 2023.
There are a lot of minor UI annoyances.
Even such obvious things don’t get fixed, at least that’s my impression.
Not speaking of the major issues…

This experience makes it hard to stay in the mood to report problems.
I won’t fiddle further with buttons and toolbars until I have read about some real changes.

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Yep. I experienced this a dozen times while testing in the last few days. It’s not just that - if you have some toolbars open and you open one of the editing windows (Like Window>Toolbars), you never know which ones are going to be on top, and depending on what you do it changes the open toolbars can actually obscure the toolbar editor window. It’s like the open windows have no hierarchy as to which should be in front and they all fight for it.

my favorite is this one:
4 year old could implement this right.
i am quite resigned by now to wait for fixes