Lasercut effect

Hi. I am trying to achieve this effect:

I would like to apply it to a box.
Find the file in this post. The layer is " columna ".

I know I could make a 2D drawing and then intersect it with the “box” offseted several times. Then I will get the “cascade” effect.
-Offset a 2D drawing several times
-Offset surface several times

  • Intersect/trim/booleandif each correspondent 2d lines with the surfaces. Line1 - Suf1 …and so on

I am just thinking if there is a faster way to try more options in the drawing. I guess grasshopper will do the trick, but honestly I am not super familiaarized. If its not super complex I could give a try :slight_smile:

Lightbox_test.3dm (2.8 MB)

Why not just sweep 1 rail with a stepped cylinder, then delete from object.

You could try using the contour command on a loft for this effect if you don’t want to use grasshopper. See file.

180130 Lightbox offset.3dm (1.0 MB)

Wirecut command does just that exactly…
Cut open as if laser cut.

Not sure if I understand “stepped cylinder”. You mean to draw a profile of the pattern sweep it and the make the boolean??

Yeap I am familiarized :wink: thanks

I will need to check if my pattern allows that. Its a good tip. Thanks