Larger renderings with Neon

(Brian James) #1

I just helped a user on tech and thought I’d share this tip on the forum as well…

If you need to save an image using Neon and the aspect ratio is larger than your screen resolution, use the command “-ViewCaptureToFile”, the “-” in front of the command will give you width and height pixel control via the command line. The sample count is controlled by the sample number in the lower right corner of the active Neon viewport. Click the second number which is the sample target and you can enter a new value like 10 or even 1 to test this out. Then when you use the - version of ViewCaptureToFile it will only calculate to this new sample target regardless of the larger aspect ratio.


Hi Brian,

Is there a way to change/access this parameter via command line ?


(Brian James) #3

Not that I know of, @andy can say for sure.