Large hidden objects only show up in exports to AI or DWG

Hi there!

I am looking for some help in how to delete large hidden objects that are not showing up in Rhino, but are showing up when I export to DWG or AI filed. These large and sneaky objects are making my computer run very slowly. I’ve tried using the “Show” command, but they remain hidden

I am building this gridded city. The skyscrapers are all downloads from Google Warehouse – I imported them first into sketchup, then exported them as a DWG, then imported the DWG into Rhino where I drew the grid plane and arranged the buildings.

I am actually intending to use this image to “Make2D,” but that hasn’t been working, presumably because the file is so large. Upon attempting to export to Illustrator, I discovered these mysterious large buildings:

The drawing I want is that small clump of black… those weird geometries and buildings above are the things I’m trying to get rid of.

How can I get those off of my model so I am able to Make2D?


Please post your .3DM model file so we can see what you are seeing.

The file is very large and I’m having trouble uploading it here. Is there something I can do to drastically decrease the file size? It’s at 7MB right now (geez!). Or is there perhaps another place I could upload?

dropbox can do 7MB.

do you have the link to the warehouse models you’re using?

those large objects are probably a result of a bunch of different people modeling at different and often incorrect scales then compiled into a single model… once a component is scaled or even deleted the original instance is still in the model.
without seeing the .skp or .3dm though, it hard to guess what’s going on because there are a number of reasons which could result in this happening…

one thing to try (in sketchup) is to purge the .skp prior to exporting it to dwg as it will get rid of any unused components/materials/layers/etc… Window-> Model Info-> Statistics-> Purge Unused…

Make2d only works with Nurbs, and I would bet that your model is all meshes.

like @jeff_hammond mentioned, probly lots of extra stuff in there. Looks like could be hidden blocks maybe? Weird that you can’t display them in rhino though. You’re sure all layers are on when you try the showselected command?

discourse should be able to accomodate an 8mb file. But if not, just export a small section of your file and upload that.