Language of error messages


How can I modify or I don’t know delete locales files to get only English here:

That’s an error message that comes out of the .NET framework, which probably means it uses the Windows OS locale.

:frowning: I was afraid of that, thanks anyways.

Hi David, my gh shows error messages just in german. is there a way to get error messages in English language at least in the gh python component?
I found an old post where you gave some hint about error messages in c, , but i am not sure how to get access to those classes in python.

This is based on your Windows’ main GUI language, you need to change it to English
I have that same problem with my workstation.

HI, thanks for the reply. I understood that, but because I cannot change my Window language I wondered if there was another way round.

Unfortunately there isn’t.
At least I couldn’t find any other way. :frowning:

Perhaps this should be changed inside the code of Rhino where the Python engine is embeded. That it should ignore Windows GUI language and use Rhino’s language. @stevebaer is this possible?