LandsDesign and IFC export in future?

Hi, will Lands support IFC import and export in the future? It becomes more and more important to support BIM when working with landscape architecture too.


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Hi @Holo we might consider this option in future versions of Lands Design, but at the moment we are providing all IFC features and development on #plug-ins:visualarq

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Hi, do you say that VisualARQ supports landscape IFC data? And does it have the tools Lands have?

What kind of landscape IFC data do you need?

Frankly I am not so sure yet as we have just started working on projects that need it. I’ll see what kind of information I can find in English though.

Does the IFC functionality reside in the background plugin that runs both lands and visualarq?

To both @fsalla & @Holo
I know of some landscape architects who ‘misuse’ other BIM software for hardecape design to take advantage of the data storage functionality: I have a link/podcast somewhere, I’ll track it down and post it. Might allow you to use visualarq based on current functionality; then determine the ‘gaps’ that lands should need to bridge (if any).

Found it: bimthoughts from 31st Oct 2017

It’s talking about Revit: but you’ll be able to emulate most of the processes using Visualarq if memory serves. It will just be about establishing a workflow to move the VA slab landscape elements into the right IFC category on export…

Here is a tree indicating the most essential data, it’s from a Norwegian cooperation on the topic:

Yes, this part is shared by both plugins, but since Lands Design is still a free Beta, and VisualARQ is a commercial software, IFC functionality is only enabled when VisualARQ is running. You can only use it on Lands if you have VisualARQ. This requirement will be removed when Lands is commercial.

Suits me; since I own VA. :slight_smile:

(Would buy Lands based on current functionality… just sayin)

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