Landscape modeling

Hi there,
I’m trying to model a landscape surface that has a variety of slopes, would be useful to know where a point of the surface is located in the space, in order to verify that a portion of a slope is 5 cm high (for example) or 9cm related to a zero.

In case you guys can suggest me other method would be amazing!

PS: in attachment the screenshot

Thank you

Hi Rossana -

The distance command will report the delta z between 2 points on the command line.

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Hi, John, thank you for your answer.
I discover meanwhile the ‘evaluation pt’ command, that is quite close to what I was looking for, except the labels are not updating while I change the position of the shape.

It would be very useful to find something similar.

Thank you

Use the leader command and a add a text field with the points z coordinate,
Then it will update, if you change the position.


very useful! thank you!