Lands launcher

(edit:) Why can Lands in Rhino 7 only be used when R7 is started via the Lands icon, which brings up that launcher window to choose between R6 and R7? If the launcher is not used, Lands will not show up in R7 at all. In Rhino6, it works without any launcher. VisualArq doesn’t need one, too.

The thing is, the viewport color scheme gets changed by the launcher. Any way to tell it not to do that?
Best regards

Hi Eugene, you should be able to use Lands Design on Rhino 7 by opening Rhino from its own icon (or double-clicking on a 3dm file, etc.), using your color scheme. It works the same way than on Rhino 6.
Have you tried to run a Lands command so that it get loaded? (for example: “laPlant”) Have you got any error message in the command line?

Thanks Albert!
Strange… on my office computer the plugin loads without the launcher. Will check again at home.

Make sure you have the newest Rhino 7 version. Lands requires a quite modern one (released on 21 october 2020)