Lands installation fails due to anti virus

I’m trying to install a trial version of Rhino Lands; I’ve downloaded the exe I received via email but my Bit Defender antivirus is blocking the installation considering the RhinoLand exe file a big threat. The file is itself send to quarantine every time I try to install.
What should I do? Is this exe file coming from Asuni safe?

Yes, it is signed by Asuni Soft S.L., you can check it in the file properties. It is a small .exe file that downloads and runs both Rhino 8 and Lands Design 6 installers, which are also signed by McNeel (TLM, Inc) and Asuni Soft S.L. respectively. The rhinolands.exe also verifies the downloaded installers are the expected ones by computing a hash value for the file contents.

Anyway, thanks for reporting it, we’ll test the rhinolands.exe file with Bit Defender antivirus and we’ll eventually contact them to notify what looks like a false positive.