Lands Design Release Candidate II

Hi all,
Lands Design “Release Candidate II” is now available for download .

This should be the very last free release before the commercial version. It adds some really cool features, like Satellital images from MapBox when importing terrains. Here are the main new features it includes:

  • Satellital images from MapBox when importing with the redesigned Earth elevation data command.
  • New Slope marker object.
  • Automatic Terrain divisions for cut&fill and paths.
  • Now you can use a tilted curve to create a cut&fill.
  • In Top views, vegetation objects are now ordered based on its height.
  • Now in Plant Photo you can select any photo from your hard drive.
  • Hatches in Shrubs, Groundcovers, Zones… are now optional.
  • Compatible with VisualARQ 2.7

Commercial version will just add many more realistic plants.

Enjoy it!


Thanks Albert,

I noticed that the frequency of updates has increased; will that pattern continue for the time between RC2 & the first commercial release?
No Pressure, just want to set a reminder for myself to come back and check the forum :slight_smile:

Hi Prehabitat,
yes, frequency is increasing. We have just uploaded RC3. It includes new logo, new license system… it really looks like the commercial release, that is coming very soon!

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