Lands Beta VI released


Hi all,
Lands Beta VI is now available for download.

This new release is fully compatible with Rhino 6, adds new features and solves most of the issues reported by users:

New features:

  • Runs on Rhino 6. (Besides on Rhino 5 64-bit and Rhino 5 32-bit.)
  • Faster Billboards generation and better reuse of texture images and materials.
  • Seasonality changes shown on the Rhino viewports instead of only on rendered images.
  • .ArTree files support.
  • Quick selection/unselection of Lands objects by type from the Lands Edit Panel.
  • Now you can add Plant Photos to Rows and Forests even if they combine different Species.
  • Now you can label Plant Rows and Forests even if they combine different Species.
  • Now you can select any object to be used as sprinkler symbol.
  • Added preview of the selected block in Fences, Rows, Sprinklers and Sprinkler Matrixs.
  • New laDeploy command to get a 3dm file for delivery composed of Rhino primitive objects only.
  • Now hidden parts of Lands objects will not be rendered.
  • Now Terrains elevate the index contour texts so that they are always visible even if the Terrain mesh is shown in a solid way.

This is still a Beta version, and may contain bugs. Please report any problem or suggestion at Lands group in Discourse or send us an email to


Unable to load Lands.rhp plugin: application initialzation failed

Awesome updates, thanks @fsalla

(Sonny Weaver) #3

Hallo mr Salla,

when will the new trial version of lands Beta VI, be available?

Best regards


Tomorrow we will publish it.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this delay.


Hey Albert,

I’ve just downloaded and installed VII but there doesn’t seen to be any info on what is actually new with this version? (or is it just an update to extend the BETA?)


@Prehabitat we have just published the list of changes here: Lands Beta VII released