Lamp...ara 3D

Curve Growth in Surface
Video Youtube :

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now show us some renderings with light on :slight_smile:

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-----ok, I still have to pay for the electricity!----
OK, but I don’t have ‘Vray’ here,

so I still have a problem with lighting.
(1-- With ‘emissive material’, it still doesn’t seem so real,
2- And with a Light-type ‘omni interior light’, I should try even more,
3-the other test is passing the Copper to 'Emissive-material!).mmmmm…
It should work well… but it is still to test.

(snif snif)

It was more of a ‘Curve growth in Surface’ exercise
with Kangaroo;than a lamp design.

Thanks (I still love those old library lamps )

Here anothers images,better