Lagoa from Rhino?

Has anyone tried Lagoas cloud-based rendering service yet?
I use the mac version of Rhino and…

  1. My actual rendering time per year/month does not really justify investing thousands in a rendering solution
  2. There’s very little options for rendering solutions for mac/rhino at the moment IMO.

I know both Keyshot and Modo come to mind but they are still quite an investment considering actual use.


I know this is an old post, but I’m wondering if anyone on this forum currently uses Lagoa or if there are other free options. I’ve been trying for a week to render a file from Rhino in Lagoa and keep running into problems. Some of it is learning curve, some of it is export/file issues, but some of it is the lag of trying to process big files on line. If anyone has used it successfully and could give me some tips, I’d appreciate it. Thanks!