Lag when moving objects

Lately we experience extreme lag when moving objects. Never had this before. Very annoying. How can we change this behaviour?

What have you changed? Which Rhino version are you using? Does it happen after a reboot and just a simple box in a default template? If so, does it also happen in safe mode?

R5 SR 12 64-bit. No changes to system. Also happens in safe mode but less.

Hi Eric - by moving, do you mean dragging selected objects, Gumball-move, or the Move command; any or all of these? Does it matter what display mode you’re in?


Troubleshooting to confirm if a Rhino issue:
turn on taskmanager for your pc and check the cpu performance, see if one of or all cores are pegged. If yes, then go to the processes tab and sort by cpu to see what might be taxing your machine.

Hi Pascal,

When simply dragging selected objects, in wireframe display mode. Never use the gumball.

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Hi Eric- thanks, and does it show up in any file, say a new file with just a box or rectangle added?


Do you use soft edged objects at your scene? I know the bug that this objects are recalculated some times if I move something in the scene.