Lag / pause / freeze after every command

Hi all,

I couldn’t find any topic with the same problem as i have.
I am using Rhino 5.0. I have a problem of rhino pausing for seconds after every little command.
for example if i draw a polyline, once hit enter, for 1 seconds it is ok, but after 1 second there is a freeze/ for 2-3 seconds.
the freeze or pause gets longer if the file is heavier.

its happening with a 70mb file which is not that big…, and other colleagues with lower spec workstations actually don’t have the problem with the same file. if i start a new file, it is ok, but eventually i will have the same problem.

can anyone please help?

(I have a Intel Xeon CPU E5620 2.40 GHz (2 processors) 16g RAM.)

Hi Dae Wook Lee - are you running any plug-ins that your colleagues are not?


I had similar issue - super slow response from rhino - it turned out my clipboard was full of some rhino data (I extensively copied,pasted) - maybe this will be relevant some how.


Hi Pascal,

colleagues and I are using same plugins. I don’t have any other special plug-ins loaded.


thanks Mac,

at the moment the problem is gone again, as I’m working with a lighter model, but I will try clear the clipboard when it happens again.