Ladybug. Wrong number of values when period is longer than an hour

I’m doing just a basic UTCI map and it works when I do 1 hour periods (Same day, same month, same hour). My mesh has 850 points and it gives 850 branches with 1 value (The hour analysed).

However, when I try to analyse a period, for example from 10 to 12, I suddenly get 2549 branches with 3 values each (the three hours analysed). A lot of them are randomly repeated and I don’t know if it’s a bug or I’m doing something wrong, but I’m certain I should be able to get, for example, the average UTCI of a period of hours determined by me instead of getting a full day.

Thank you

I include the .gh and the .3dm:

Outdoor Comfort - (4.9 MB)
Outdoor Comfort.3dm (95.6 KB)
Outdoor Comfort-R-7.3dm (75.1 KB)

Hi -
Please see for questions related to the Ladybug Tools.

Ups! I didn’t know. Thank you!