Ladybug solar water heater results with multiple surfaces

Dear All,

I am using the solar water heater component to calculate the amount of auxiliary energy that I would need depending on the number of solar thermal collectors installed. However, it seems that the component is treating each surface as a separate collector with its own tank and the heating load per hour is considered as being per collector (and not for the whole house) - therefore at the end, the auxiliary energy calculated is x times to high (with x being the number of collector surfaces).

Could the code be slighlty changed to sum up the solar gain of all collectors and input it in one tank only?
Or how can I merge all surfaces into one?

I uploaded an example of my problem.

I’m a bit confused on how to proceed.

Thank’s for your help! (79.3 KB)

Hi Alice - you should probably ask this question in the dedicated LB|HB forum here:

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