Ladybug_fly! and TT Toolbox

Hi everybody!

I am running a simulation on different designs for a truss structure using Karamba3D.
To run through all possible iterations I am using the Ladybug_fly! command, combined with TT Toolbox to export output data (Stresses, deformations, load distributions etc.) to Excel.

However, when exporting the data I have a problem with showing the value of the different variables for all combinations. Lets say I’m running through 100 iterations with 3 different variables. Variable 1 only has 2 different values, while Variable 2 and 3 has more.

When exporting the data I want to have the exact combination between the variables shown on a row. Is there a way to sort the data, so every single combination with exact variable 1, 2, and 3 values are shown?

Basically I want to show what the bending stress is when span is x, load is y and height of truss is z.

I have attached a photo showing the principle of the current output data in excel

So you need to build a tree than contains N branches (N = nb of iterations), each branch containing :
0- span
1- load value
2- truss height
3- bending stress value.

Cross Reference could be useful.

Could you provide me an example?

I can upload my script, however it is pretty complicated and messy.
20230420 Karamba simulation (411.5 KB)

I don’t have Karamba so most of the canvas is blank for me.
However you seem to have all important data stored at the end ? It should work if all your data recorders have the same length after all your iterations.

Also I still use TT v1.9, too many good options have been removed from the latest version.

Hope this helps !

20230420 Karamba simulation (410.6 KB)

Thank you for your answers!

Yes, that is right - all my important data calculated throughout the sheet is collected at the end through the data recorders. As you mention, the problem is that the length of my data recorders aren’t the same. This is due to my different number sliders representing the variables aren’t the same length either. I am not able to make them the same lengths, as the amounts of each different variable is varying.

So I need to somehow show what every combination of x, y, z is for all iterations using the data recorders, but haven’t solved how yet…

Problem is, if the slider doesn’t move, its data doesn’t get recorded. So one idea could be to trigger a list save instead of item saves.
Try this : (17.3 KB)

Thank you so much! This solved my issue. Have a great sunday :slight_smile: