KUBRIX-Geo plug-in for Rhino 5

The KUBRIX-Geo mesh generator is an Itasca Consulting Group software product used to build models for hexahedral and tetrahedal meshing in numerical analysis.

Although built for the demanding geometrical requirements of petroleum and mining geomechanics, this unique automatic grid generator is also used by design engineers and researchers in the civil, automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, biomedical, and electronics industries.

You can launch KUBRIX-Geo directly from Rhino.


  • Interactive solid-based mapped hexahedral meshing.
  • Interactive solid-based convex block decomposition for specific use with Itasca’s 3DEC polyhedral DEM/Continuum analysis product.
  • Automatic all-hexahedral meshing based on KUBRIX fuzzy-logic block decomposition.
  • Automatic tetrahedral / hexahedral meshing.
  • Automatic octree meshing.
  • Hybrid and multi-scale meshing combining far field and near field meshes with interfaces and joints.

Input format:

STL (closed, manifold, or non-manifold triangular mesh) or Rhino solids (topological hexahedra, prisms, or tetrahedra).

Output format:


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Posted Jul 13, 2016 by Sandy McNeel on Rhino News, etc.