Kruskal's Minimal SpacingTree WITHOUT Heteroptera or Parakeet / Updates?

I need to create a Minimum Spacing Tree (MST) consisting of polylines via an input of Points.

Because I need to upload to ShapeDiver, I cannot use Heteroptera or Parakeet plug-ins to do so…

Any plan to allow for the newest version of Heteroptera or Parakeet to just use existing components? GH file attached/
Kruskal (16.1 KB)

Thank you.

The latest version of both Parakeet and Heteroptera do not follow our guidelines for plugin developers and therefore cannot be installed on our servers at the moment. We are in contact with the developers of both plugins in order to get compatible versions.

In the meanwhile, we can provide you with the latest version of Heteroptera that is installed on our servers. Alternatively, you could write your own MST algorithm using a script component.


I actually found a work around using a python script here

It was approved by the Shapediver team! Will be using this until Parakeet / Heteroptera are updated for Shapediver.


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