Kompress file, Kompress/Join/Merge Geometry for Solid / Polysurfaces or surfaces

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Is there any way I can make this 400M file smaller? How does one kompress joined komplex geometry in Rhino?

Thanks! /Olof H

Hi Olof - a couple of things -

  • see if SaveSmall does anything useful.
  • Use [Blocks][1] for repeated objects.

[1]: http://wiki.mcneel.com/rhino/usingblocks

Is that just for saving / archiving purposes? Or are you thinking file size when you are working with a file? You can get rid of all display meshes before saving but for working you’ll have to look into the meshing setting to get lighter file sizes.

Thank you for your answers!

Im just amazed there’s no way of merging ovelapping surfaces or volumes and discard the unnecessary geometry information. For examle, if i merge 2 co-planar discs so their radii overlap it will still save the information as 2 merged into one disc-surfaces “like a group”, not as one 8-shaped surface? correct me if im wrong. What i want to do is to discard this unnecessary geometry information since i only need the outer shape of the objects.

Or is there any other way to work around this and only save the outermost surface of merged solids or the outermost outlines of merged surfaces.

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Hi Olof- perhaps you can post an example of the objects you have in mind? It’s hard to say from the description.


Hi Olof,

For planar surfaces you canb use the commands
_MergeFace an _MergeAllFaces