Knot Insertion breaks curve flow

Sometimes when inserting a knot, curve flow gets broken,
How can i fix this whiteout rebuilding ?

Hi Gil - when inserting knots, in general try to keep the new knot location midway between two existing knots - even a visual approximation helps. The command line option for ‘Midpoints=Yes’ is there to help with snappable ‘mid span’ markers. After the fact, MakeUniform will help with the curve flow, but it wil change the shape of the curve, sometimes drastically.

Also, there are alternatives -

  • if the curve is simple, just a few points, and a single span, you can raise the degree to get more control points. I’d avoid going more than degree 5 by and large but it is a nice way to work with simple curves since it keeps the structure simple - no added knot - and the shape of the curve does not change.

  • InsertControlPoint. tends to keep uniform curves uniform and well behaved for point editing, but does change the shape and adds a knot.


Tnx @pascal for the elaborated answer !
I’ll try those tips and see how it goes…