Knit Pattern Mesh Pipe Issue

Hi there,

I thought it would be interesting to try modeling a knitted structure in GH but I’m running into an issue when using Mesh Pipe on the guide curves that I generate and it completely misses some of them. I’ve tried to rebuild the curves and cull any dup vertices, but it’s not working. Is this a bug or is there a better way of generating the pipes to simulate the yarn thread? …also I’m using mesh pipe because I’ve found it requires the least computation time (1-2 minutes), but It’d be useful to know if there’s another way to get the same outcome!

Thanks for any assistance with this!

Mesh Pipe Issue_Knit (391.7 KB)

Using polylines as the curve input instead of nurbs works way better. Thanks for the assist - Help finding post about Stitching/knitting/weaving

There are a few curves still failing to mesh pipe… :thinking: