Kiwi3D - Karamba3D and Galapagos

Hi Guys
This is my second month from starting learning Grasshopper, I’m a structural engineer by profession, and I have a question, I know Karamba3D does structural optimization by itself, but since it is a paid tool, can I use Kiwi3D along with Galapagos to do the same ??.
From my understanding, Karamba3D (Analysis and Optimization) is doing what Galapagos (Optimization) and Kiwi3d (Analysis) do together, right ?


yes, you can!

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If you are looking for a free solution you might also want to check out Alpaca4D, which is an implementation of the open source OpenSees solver.
Recently it has been recompiled to C# for faster performance, but some components from the old Python version have not been implemented yet.

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Thanks Anna