Kink at the end of a crease

Any tips about how to avoid/adjust the kink at the end of a crease?



I believe there is remove crease tool under the “Subd” category that could help, otherwise you need to weld the edges together, which is another tool in that category too.

I believe you’re looking for a variably sharp crease transitioning from sharp at one end to smooth at the other. This is filed as currently. You can use SlideEdge to move edges closer at one end of an edge to make the appearance of a sharper area in the meantime without actually adding a crease.

Thank you, but remove crease will not help, since I want a crease. It is the kink at the connection of the creased/non- creased edge that I do not like
T-splines had a more smooth transition at this point.

Thanks Brian, I will play with this work around.