Kinetic facade follow the sun path

In a duplicate thread ( :man_facepalming: ), you said:

The model I created for you rotates each panel plus or minus 90 degrees from their initial positions as defined in your code, with offsets of 30, 45, 60 and 75 degrees.

These are the initial positions you defined in that group:

You can bypass and delete your initial positions group by connecting a wire directly from your giant Entwine component to the Brep input of my model, like this:

That leaves NOTHING else in your GH model except for my contribution and makes moot all the complexity of rotating each branch of panels separately, as I did. In fact, the thirty columns of the facade might as well be single pieces instead of split into panel fragments as you did in Rhino.

Are you here to learn Grasshopper or is this a “Do my work for me” thread?