KeyShot Render and Export Command don't appear on Rhino 6 Mac WIP

Just downloaded KeyShot 8 and installed also the plugin to make realtime connection between Rhino 6 WIP’s and the rendering software.

On KeyShot website, they say no button will appear Rhino, but we can type directly Keyshot8Render or KeyShot8Export command.

Despite installing the plugin, commands are non existing.

On Rhino5 Mac though, the commands appears. (I also double checked that the plugin installer is opened by Rhino 6 WIP).

Any ideas why this is not working ?
I am on Os Mojave, having the latest WIP, latest KeyShot and also latest Rhino5 Mac.


I don’t have or use Keyshot here but found this page on the plugin that I think you referred to… It’s not clear to me if both KS 8 and KS 7 are supported in the Rhino 6 for Mac WIP . The Mac commands section mentions the KeyShot7Render command and then also the Keyshot8Render command. Try emailing their support link at the top of the page to check.